New Temple Plan: Securing SVETA LV Temple own building allows us to offer more services, especially we can have separate Cultural and Educational halls/rooms that can provide more Arts and Educational classes and host more cultural events. Majority of events were conducted without any financial costs to participating devotees. However, services to increased devotee base are constrained by lack of space and parking. SVETA is 501(c)(3) IRS certified non-profit organization registered in the state of WA. All donations to SVETA are tax deductible.
New Temple Funds – Any Amount
Brick Sponsor ($2116)
Tile Sponsor ( $5116)
Silver Sponsor ( $10K to $25K)
Gold Sponsor ( $25K to $50K)
Platinum Sponsor ( $50K to $100K)
Raja Poshaka ( $100K to $150K)
Maharaja Poshaka ( $150K or Above)

Donations Summary

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