Photo & Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the use of photographs and other recorded media at SVETA’s temple events. To do our best to ensure the safety of our community while still promoting the SVETA spirit of warmth, family, fellowship, and community, the SVETA Team have developed this Photo Policy to cover any photos or videos of devotees or event attendees to be used on the SVETA website and other electronic, digital or print publications.
General Photography and Video Guidelines
Individuals (minors and adults) in photographs on website or other publications will not be identified by name or address on the publication or by the uploaded file name, with the following exceptions:
  1. Children receiving awards or recognition. Parents need to give express permission for the First name to be attached prior to publication.
  2. Adults receiving awards or recognition (for example, the artist felicitations).
General group or crowd photographs:
SVETA’s reserves the right to take photographs or video recordings at worship services or any other temple-related activities in which individuals are not prominently featured and no identifying information is presented, and to use any of these photos or recordings for promotional purposes in media such as, but not limited to, brochures and flyers, the Temple website, and online photo galleries, bulletin boards, Facebook and other media etc. without seeking or requiring the consent of each person represented.
  1. Any individual in a group photo who sees him/herself in a group photo and would like it removed may contact the temple office. Examples include crowds at the festival, audience at a musical presentation or mission, groups assembled for holy days, etc.
  2. Individuals – Any time an individual or small groups of individuals are photographed or any group is asked specifically to pose for a photograph that contains no identifying information, each adult must be asked for either verbal consent to post the images on the website or other publication. Written consent will be obtained for any photos that contain identifying information.
Photographing minors:
When children under the age of 18 are photographed (except as part of a general group or crowd photo as outlined above), the consent of at least one parent will be obtained before their photo will be used in any way. In addition, the following guidelines will be enforced:
Under no circumstances will any identifying information (first or last name, family members, email addresses, school names, etc.) of anyone under 18 years of age be included in or associated with any photographs or videos displayed, posted or published in any way.
All registration forms for events, activities, or programs, will contain a reference to this policy, a permission request to allow the participant to be photographed in accordance with the policy, and a clear method to allow the signing parent or guardian to “opt-out” of inclusion in any photographs or video recordings. Note that opting-out via an activity sign-up form will apply only to that activity, not as a “blanket” request (see “Opting-out” below). For annual programs, a new photography release form will be requested every year
Any event-related photos including minors must have already occurred before publishing. For example, a photo of a prior-year event could be posted or published; while a photo of youth who are signed up for a future event could not be included.
Opting-out: Parents/guardians who do not wish for their child’s photo or video to be potentially posted online or otherwise displayed, regardless of the context, should send a written note or email to the temple office and SVETA’s will make every effort to exclude the indicated minor from any individual or small group photography. Please note that children may still be included in general group or crowd photos without identifying information; however, you may always request that any photo be removed from display.
Photo or Video Removal Policy
Any individual who appears in a photo/video (or whose minor children appear in a photo/video) that has been posted in SVETA publication or online may request that it be removed for any reason, even if prior permission had been granted, by sending a written note or email to the temple office. Please indicate the person or persons involved and the photo or video in question, and it will be promptly removed from the website or other display where it is found.
Change notice:
SVETA may change the content of this policy without notice, and it is recommended to review this periodically. Current copies of this policy may be obtained at the temple office or online at
Copyright Policy
Unless otherwise indicated, photographs and videos published by SVETA are the property of and are copyrighted or licensed by SVETA and may not be used for any purpose (including but not limited to: downloading, printing, distributing, linking) without permission from SVETA.
SVETA will obtain permission to use any photographs and graphics from other sources before using within any publication, website or other medium.